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School discos

School discos are becoming more and more popular as schools have to be seen to be promoting after school activities to allow children to use different skills to be able to participate and communicate with others.

Due to school discos becoming more popular, when considering which DJ provider to use there are three very important questions that you should ask before potentially hiring them. You should ask if they have:

  • Public liability insurance certificate
  • Portable appliance tested – P.A.T certificate
  • DBS Enhanced certificate


School Disco DJ

These certificates are extremely important when selecting a DJ to hire for your school disco as firstly public liability insurance covers your school in case anyone is injured or if there is third party damage to your property. Secondly, a P.A.T certificate will show that the equipment used by the DJ is safe to use. Finally, DBS checks are important as you can ensure that the DJ that you are hiring have no previous convictions or has a criminal record and therefore you are ensured to be safeguarding the pupils that will be attending the school disco.

What do school disco DJs provide?

DJs provide the music as well as the lights and the special effects. The music range will be targeted at the age range of the children attending the disco and due to the DJ being up to date with what music certain age groups like, they will already know what to play to entertain them. However school disco DJs are open to requests of songs if pupils come up and ask.

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