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A guide to shopping fo jewellery and gifts

Handmade JewelleryYou’ve probably spotted someone sporting a unique jewellery design you haven’t seen before. It looks hip and trendy, but it wasn’t a design you’ve seen anywhere else.

Chances are, it probably wasn’t bought in traditional shops either, but in the wide world of the Internet that makes it easier for jewellery makers and eager customers to make transactions.

Websites like Etsy feature handmade products made by both professional and amateur artisans. You’ll see products lovingly handmade, with much more attention to detail than the regular items you might see in commercial stores. Unlike those mass­ produced jewellery, here, online, you’ll have a much better chance scoring an item that’s truly unique ­­ and truly yours. You can even have it customized!

Here are some tips to consider when you make your first online purchase for that stunning handmade bracelet or necklace.

– Consider asking if the item can be personalized or customized. Handmade jewellery makes for great gifts for your friends or special people in your life. Nothing makes them feel more special than receiving gifts custom made for them.

Most of the time, sellers and creators of handmade jewellery will be more than happy to consider accommodating your custom request.

– Go to a reputable website or seller with a proven track record. Unfortunately, Internet scams are real. Make sure you won’t get your hard­earned money spirited away without getting the item you paid for. Check out trusted websites, and be on the lookout for reviews from other customers who have bought from the seller.

– Consider the shipping fees. Some sellers will waive shipping fees in a gesture of goodwill to their buyers, but some may impose a slight charge. Don’t forget to ask, and factor that in. In some other smaller businesses, sellers can choose to personally meet up with their buyers so there’s no shipping fee involved.

– Check reviews for quality and consistency. Because it’s handmade, there may be slight modifications to the design that you may not like. Strike up a good relationship with the seller, ensure that they are offering high quality products made with good materials and crafted meticulously.

– Consider also if the seller accepts returns or modifications. If the item doesn’t pass your standards, you may want to ship it back for modifications. Some reputable sellers may willingly do this for free.

Buying handmade jewellery online need not be a taxing experience. In fact, it’s fun and easy! You can choose from a variety of designs, have it made uniquely yours, and help out a community of artists as well. For more unique gift ideas, go along to Engraving Excellence

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